Alo Yoga Cute Sport Essentials All Yogis Need

Alo Yoga Cute Sport Essentials All Yogis Need

At Riviera Coco we expand our horizons!

We will from now on curate for you the best international Summer products, all the trends and inspiration you need to shine on vacations or during the hot season. 

Since our Pinterest account has became VIRAL! And I have become an official influencer, I will be sharing with you all amazing Summer items I find for you to glow.

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 On Today's Blog

ALO YOGA has become a leader in the yoga industry, offering not only visually appealing products but amazing accessories that will perfectly satisfy specific needs from women worldwide practicing this discipline. 

This company invest a lot on product research and marketing, placing them more and more on the radar of many yogis around the globe. They offer high quality items that actually make us want to practice yoga!

I selected today amazing yoga accessories that I find very useful and are very pretty at the same time. They perfectly complement our YOGA & GYM WEAR COLLECTION. You can take a look to it HERE. All items are on SALE at 3x2 for a limited time. 

 This is the perfect activity to get fit while connecting with your inner being. Take a look to these very trendy items.

#7 is my TOTAL FAVOURITE! Getting it right now. 


It's always fun and pleasant to write all this for you! Remember to shop our looks on the LIKE TO KNOW IT app.

XOXO -Laura ✨🌴


PS: Our PINTEREST account has gone VIRAL.

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Yoga & Fitness Collection


#1 Grey Tie-Dye Shopper Tote

#2 Black Traverse Duffle

#3 Black Seeker Fanny Pack

Black Seeker Fanny Pack - Alo Yoga

#4 Black Warrior Alo Yoga Mat

Warrior Alo Yoga Mat
Warrior Alo Yoga Mat

#5 Duality Yoga Strap

Duality Yoga Strap

#6 Goddess Leg Warmer

Goddess Leg Warmer
White Goddess Leg Warmer

#7 Pink Pivot Barre Sock 

Pink Pivot Barre Sock
Pink Pivot Barre Sock

#8  Neon Lime Alo Throwback Socks

Neon Lime Alo Throwback Socks

#9 Women's Wanderer Sneaker - Black/Cherry

Women's Wanderer Sneaker - Black/Cherry

#10 Women's It Slide Sandals

Women's It Slide 2 - Black

#11  Holographic Solar Visor

Alo Yoga Solar Visor

#12 Ultra-light Airlift Headband

Blue Airlift Band


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