Curvy 8 Body Type - Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

Curvy 8 Body Type - Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

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We identified 6 body types. We will make one blog post for each and every silhouette. Read our "Bikini Body Type" series to discover yours and fall in love with your ideal suit!

Our fashion stylists put in place this amazing *The Bikini Silhouette Guide * to help you find the perfect swimsuits for your body type. Get ready for useful tips to identify your dream bikini, get confident and enjoy swimsuit shopping!


Riviera Coco Woman Body Types

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You have a really sexy curvy silhouette with rounded hips and bust. As the hourglass your waist is defined, but you have rounder shapes. Depending on your style you can either want to accentuate your curves or divert attention from them. The key is to draw the eyes to your neckline, choosing tops with great support that add value to your bust.

YOUR GOAL:  Elegantly show off your assets and either
highlight your curves or divert attention from them.



  • Your shoulders align nicely with your hips
  • Your waist is obvious and well defined
  •  You have a rounded bottom with beautiful side and front profile
  • Your upper body has proportional length to your legs
  • You use D+ bust cups and require good breast support



Juliette, Riviera Coco’s French fashion stylist recommends:
“A cool trick is to choose asymmetrical suits that will
draw the eye toward your neckline… Remember that
retro suits fit you well, take advantage of this trend!”  

For your curvy frame, the key is to highlight your curves while providing enough support and coverage. If you’re not keen on exaggerating your curves, then
steer clear of monokinis or string bikinis with thicker ties, which can accentuate your widest areas.

High-waisted bottoms combined with underwire tops are your best bet. When choosing a swimsuit for a top hourglass, the objective is to balance your bust and hips.

  • Choose simple halter tops and high neck styles in simple, solid colors
  • Solid color triangle tops that provide adequate coverage and good support are a flattering option
  • Patterned or light-colored bottoms paired with solid tops
  • Bottoms with ruffles, side ties or ornaments to balance your top
  • Bottoms that cut straight across your hips.
  • Retro style one-piece suits and high waist bikinis


  • We recommend suits with strategic cutouts, right where you want them, as well as high cut bottoms, strappy and zippered details on waist-defining suits.
  • Horizontal stripes hugh your curves at the right places.
  • You can choose tankinis with simple halter tops and pair them with a nice side-ties bottom.
  •  Stay away from patterned tops with simple bottoms. Choose bottoms
    with ruffles, decor and extra details.

    Make heads turn by the beach with these suits!

    Alicante | Lace Up Red Sexy One Piece Swimsuit

    Ibiza | Strappy Halter Black Bikini 

    Sumatra | Tribal Crop Top Strappy Hi Waist Bikini

     Borneo | Classy Triangle Halter Bikini With Metal Embellishments 


    Kailua | Sporty High Waist Thong Bikini

    Venetia | Sexy Stripes Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit

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