INVERTED TRIANGLE V Body Type - Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

INVERTED TRIANGLE V Body Type - Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

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Welcome back, travel lover!

Part of Riviera Coco's mission is to help every woman feel amazing finding the swimsuits that best fit their figure and enhance the best of them!

Want to know what you should be looking for? Read on to get the experts’ dos and don’ts. Get ready for useful tips to identify your dream bikini, get confident and enjoy swimsuit shopping!

Riviera Coco Woman Body Types


    Hello athlete body girl!

    You have an Inverted Triangle body shape, also known as an athletic body type. You probably have a toned muscled body and your upper body is wider than your hips. Play up your curves with styles that flaunt your frame. Suits with less coverage help to create the illusion of a shapelier figure.

    YOUR GOAL: Balance broad shoulders and/or a big bust
    giving more curves to your hips.



    •  You have a proportionally larger upper body
    •  You have broad shoulders, and ample bust and a wide back
    • Your hips are slim and your bottom may have a tendency towards the flat side
    • Your waist is subtle
    • Your beautiful, shapely legs are your best asset


    You have the opposite needs as the triangle silhouette. You have to reduce attention on the upper body, give more volume to your hips and create the illusion of a waist. To play them up, invest in swimsuits with less coverage that show your
    abs and beautiful legs.

    Don’t drown your upper figure in ruffles or embellishments. Instead, find bikini tops with a wrap-around strap or a simple print. High neck tops provide great support and give you a sporty surfer girl look. Halter suits are flattering and accentuate your collarbone and neckline. Look for tops with good support, with molded cups and underwire. Minimalist prints for the tops or plain colors are a good pick.

    While picking a bottom it’s all about giving volume. Choose colorful bottoms, with ruffles, patterns, side ties and extra fabric on the sides. The ones that cross horizontally across your hips make them look wider. The skimpier cut will help play up your curves. Pick a bright print to ensure all eyes will be on you.

    • Simple halter tops or high neck with simple patterns and solid colors.
    • Dark and simple triangle tops can be a good choice too
    • Make sure tops provide the support you need
    • Look for wider straps
    • Patterned or light-colored bottoms with side ties
    • Ruffled or embellished bottoms will balance your figure when paired with a simple top
    • Bottoms that cut straight across your hips. You can pick classic horizontal lines for the bottom
    • Let’s just say… that the smaller the swimsuit bottom, the fuller, and curvier the derrière appears

    Juliette, fashion expert shares with us:
    “One-piece suits with side cut-outs to give you an
    amazing waistline effect! You can even pick a sexy
    trikini to show some waist skin. Play with these sexy
    styles that will give you your dream silhouette.”



    • Having hips details and deep V necks. Monokinis create fabulous curves, as do one-pieces with slashes or strategically placed cutouts. This will help create a curvaceous and balanced effect.
    • On tankinis stay away from patterned tops combined with solid bottoms.
      Choose simple halter tops. Make sure to show some skin on your
      hips and add value to your amazing legs!


    Show off those muscly arms with a racer cut top to heighten your sporty vibe. Remember that swimsuits with less coverage will give off an illusion of a shapely
    figure so go pick up the one that melts your heart!

     Rachel, Riviera Coco’s US stylist recommends:
    “ You need to draw attention toward your bottom
    half. Use brighter colored or printed bikini bottom,
    and minimize your upper half with a dark, plain
    colored or black bikini top. Also, remember you’re one
    of the lucky few who can wear cute tiny string bikini
    bottoms without any problem. Take advantage!”

    Make heads turn by the beach with these suits!


    Tikopia | Tribal Halter Sporty Bikini


    Mytros | Tide Side Triangle Black And White Bikini


    Santorini | Color Block Bustier Bikini

    Acapulco | Bow Tie Rings Bikini

    Santa Lucia | Push Up Mix And Match Bikini

    Kalapana | Halter Crochet Tide Side One Piece Swimsuit

      Cagliari | Deep V Strappy Cut Outs One Piece Swimsuit

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