12 Budget Friendly *Target.com* Summer Accessories For Your Next Beach Vacation!

12 Budget Friendly *Target.com* Summer Accessories For Your Next Beach Vacation!

Discover Trends @ Target.com

At Riviera Coco we expand our horizons!

We will from now on curate for you the best international Summer products. Find all the trends and inspiration you need to shine on vacations or during the hot season. 

Since our Pinterest account has become VIRAL, and I am now an official @LikeToKnow.it influencer, I will be sharing with you all amazing Summer items I find for you to glow.

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3x2 All swimwear

 On Today's Blog

Let's find amazing items in a budget! Yes, we all want to enjoy cute products that make us feel beautiful and on vacay, without breaking the bank. 

Target understands very well what girls want, offering the best designs and trends at super affordable prices! They have all we need for fashion, accessories, travel items and home decor

I chose for you today 12 Summer accessories from this brand. You can get them online in no time. Take a look and enjoy this fun and colourful season!  


#3 is my TOTAL FAVOURITE! Getting it right now. 


It's always fun and pleasant to write all this for you! Remember to shop our looks on the LIKE TO KNOW IT app.

XOXO -Laura ✨🌴


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#1 Flamingo Print Wet/Dry Bag - Sun Squad™


#2 Circle Straw Tote Handbag - Universal Thread™ Natural

Circle Straw Tote Handbag


#3 Floral Print Straw Half Moon Tote Handbag - A New Day™ Blush

Shop This Bag


#4 Women's Floppy Hat - A New Day™


#5 Women's Tillie Faux Leather Ankle Strap Sandals - A New Day™


3x2 All swimwear

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#6 Watermelon Beach Towel - Sun Squad™


#7 Women's Anabel Braided Thong Ankle Strap Sandals - Universal Thread™

Women's Anabel Braided Thong Ankle Strap Sandals - Universal Thread™


#8 Women's Crochet Visor Hat - A New Day™


#9 Beach Functional Pocket Towel - Sun Squad™


#10 Women's Linda Shell Flip Flop Sandals - Shade & Shore


#11 Straw Rattan Circle Crossbody Bag - Universal Thread™


#12 Insulated Zip Picnic Cooler Tote -Zodaca 



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