About Riviera Coco

Let the sun kiss you in the latest European beachwear - by Riviera Coco.

Riviera Coco was inspired 8 years ago by French & North American fashion expert, Laura, who worked in the apparel industry discovering the latest trends for fashion houses.

One summer day, while sipping cocktails by the poolside on the French Riviera  - Laura had the idea to take the beauty of luxury beachwear and make it affordable to everyone. She asked herself - “Why shouldn’t gorgeous French designer bathing suits be accessible to all?” 

Voilà! Riviera Coco was born - using Laura’s experience and talent to create a brand with the latest high-end French styles – available worldwide.

Headquartered in Paris - with offices in Spain, USA and Mexico - Riviera Coco’s artisans bring you the latest vogue French beachwear and swimwear. Riviera Coco is for the shopper looking for a cosmopolitan style, great quality at a reduced price tag. Whether you are on a sandy white beach in the Maldives or a crystal blue pool in St. Tropez - we have you covered with hundreds of the latest beachwear designs.

As the exclusive partner for the Miss Mexico Beauty Pageant, and other international renowned beauty contests, with appearances in trendy magazines as well as the hundreds of worldwide influencers and celebrities like @MissWorld - we look forward to having you be a part of the over 160,000+ Riviera Coco social media community.

Choose your favourite bikini and be sun kissed in the latest Riviera Coco beachwear.

Your personal beachwear stylist,

Laura 💖


Laura, Riviera Coco Founder

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