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Red and White Flower Bouquet- Roses and Alstroemerias with Greens- Fresh Flower Arrangement

Red and White Flower Bouquet- Roses and Alstroemerias with Greens- Fresh Flower Arrangement

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We ship flowers grown by caring hands . directly from greenhouses to your door. Shaping emotions into boxes . bouquets and arrangements of blooms to order . we deliver colorful and grateful bunches of pure affectionate joy.

From the gentleness employed on planting our blooms - the harvesting of stems just for you - to when we show up at your door . GlobalRose delivers thoughtful welcoming care. Flowers that keep you company and cheer your space.

Flowers that are natural expression of our bonds . that embody the beauty of kindness . in all its forms.

Since most of our flowers are shipped fresh as closed buds . please allow 2 to 3 days for them to fully bloom. We would highly recommend choosing your delivery date accordingly if you're planning to use these flowers for events or special occasions.

Due to differences in screen resolution and since these products are natural . there may be slight color variations between the pictures and the actual products.


· 1. It is especially important to bring your flowers indoor as soon as they are delivered. If this is not immediately possible . make sure you place your flower box in a cool place. Flowers need to be cut and placed in water as soon as possible. Once cut and in water they may be stored at room temperature if they are kept away from heat or cold sources and out of direct sunlight.

· 2. Before you unpack your flowers . choose a work area that includes a table or countertop and a floor that can resist water. Have handy garden shears . durable scissors or pruners and several empty containers/buckets.

· 3. When you are ready . open the box(es) and begin by carefully unpacking the flowers bunch by bunch . without removing the wrappers protecting the flower buds. Keep in mind that each bunch has several flowers and some type of flowers are packed in two layers within the bunch (rose bunches have 13 stems in the upper layer and 12 stems in the lower layer . or 12 and 13).

· 4. Prepare containers/buckets by filling them with room temperature water. Pour in and mix the enclosed floral food packets provided with each flower order. The floral food has been shown to increase the life of fresh flowers by several days. If by any unfortunate circumstance your flowers do not come with the flower food to not panic. You can replace it with either a soda or just plain sugar. One teaspoon of sugar for 25 to 50 stems is good enough.

· 5. Cut each stem one inch from the bottom or to your desire length. Rinse the bottom part of the stems before placing them in water.

· 6. Place flowers immediately in your prepared water-filled containers. Ideally . the wrappers that protect the buds should be kept on while the flowers are hydrating. Hydration occurs anywhere between four and ten hours (you can leave them on up to 24 hours). Be sure to carefully remove the wrappers after hydration occurs.

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